A quick update on convention stuff for the rest of this year and the first half of 2016:

  • October 31, 2015: Comikaze Expo (L.A. Convention Center) - I should be here on a panel with the rest of the Southern California contingent of Action Lab Entertainment talking about our creator-owned work at the publisher. I say "should" because it will depend on if I get that Saturday off of work or not, though it looks likely. No table or booth presence this year, though.
  • March 27-29, 2016: WonderCon (L.A. Convention Center) - Submitted my application for this show just the other day. Hopefully I'll get in because it was a good time this year and next year looks to be even better. A new venue for the show could bring in a lot of new faces, too. If all goes to plan, I'll have a table here with plenty of Nutmeg goodness for you.
  • April 7-10, 2016: Emerald City Comicon (Seattle, WA) - Jackie Crofts, Josh Eckert, and I had a blast this year at our first convention with our book officially at Action Lab Entertainment. Everyone was very warm and receptive, and Seattle was great. We've been accepted to Artists' Alley and got our hotel locked down as well, so next step is getting flights. Can't wait to go back up north!
  • April 28-May 1, 2016: Calgary Expo (Calgary, AB) - My good friend Teika Hudson lives up in Calgary with her family, and she's come down to SoCal for San Diego Comic-Con twice now, but I've never been up there. From what she says, this show is a really good one, and I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring for it. I completely botched the application date, so it's a waitlist for me. Also, I'm pretty sure that's the same weekend as the NFL Draft, so getting those days off work is highly unlikely. Still, stranger things have happened.
  • May 14-15, 2016: TCAF aka Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Toronto, ON) - I've only been to T Dot once, but it was great, and being able to experience THE comic convention there would be immense. This is our second time applying to the show, so fingers crossed that we get in. The word is that it's a great show, and we'd love to see that first-hand.
  • May 21-22, 2016: VanCAF aka Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (Vancouver, BC) - If Calgary and TCAF don't happen, there's always VanCAF for my first Canadian comic convention opportunity. Heard very good things about this show, and a couple friends will be there paneling and such, so I hope I can make it! Applied only just the other day, so no word yet.

As I get more info about these and other shows, I'll pass them along!