Hi all,

It's been, well, more than a minute. It's been closer to an hour or something, I think? Anywho, I've got great news!

I'll be at San Diego Comic-Con again this year, signing copies of Nutmeg (the coming-of-age culinary crime comic I do with Jackie Crofts and Josh Eckert) at the Action Lab booth (#1735) for a good chunk of that time. (Stay tuned for exact times once I know them!) And when I'm not there I'll be wandering the show floor, attending panels, and hitting up the Secret Taco Truck™. Plus, on Saturday night, I'll be at (on?) the Action Lab panel in room 28DE from 7-8pm. Come by and check it out and see some other great creators talk about their great books!

The OTHER great news is the Elements: Fire Anthology, edited by my friend Taneka Stotts (with assists from Shing Yin Khor). The Elements anthology is a series of short comics stories by creators of color, all centered on the theme of Fire. I did a short in the anthology with the incredible Rashad Doucet, and we can't wait for you to see it. How will you see it? By backing the Kickstarter, of course! That's right, there's still time left to pledge for a copy of the book, and we've already surpassed our goal, so you can bet that the book will happen and be in your hands later this year. So, what are you waiting for?!